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The following information is for businesses in the Rent-to-Own industry.

Who We Are

Our mission is simple

We provide a quality of sleep that everyone deserves and can afford. Our daily activities take a toll on all of us and getting a good night’s sleep is paramount to optimizing our personal performance. Our core value is to look after your sleep while you follow your dreams.

Why Slumba

  • We are here to provide your customers with high quality, innovative products.
  • Simplify the complexity of shopping for a mattress.
  • Support your store associates with the training and in-store support materials so they can effectively communicate with your customers.
  • Provide a customized level of service designed to meet your needs.

The Products

The Mattress

The Slumba Mattress is soft enough to relieve pressure points and firm enough to support the lower back. It has just the right fusion of support, breathability, comfort and alignment to provide a great night’s sleep.

Your Slumba Mattress has been designed from the base up. We start with motion isolating memory foam, topped with a transition layer of graphite infused memory foam, then finished with a top layer of gel infused memory foam. The mattress is encased with a removable, hypoallergenic cover. Our cover can also be supplied with an ice-fiber top to further enhance the sleeping experience.

We produce both a 10” and 12” mattress, both are compressed, rolled and shipped in small carton.

Mattress front profile

Mattress front profile

The Hybrid

The Hybrid Mattress gives you the best of both memory foam and inner springs. This will help maintain a quality sleep, which makes it the perfect alternative for your customers when they are used to traditional spring mattresses. This way you can retain the customer by offering the Hybrid alternative in addition to the memory foam only mattress.

“Tremendous customer service and quality, all at a very fair price. Our store associates are getting great support and best of all our customers are keeping the product.”
Senior Level Executive

The Pillows

Traditional front/side angle

Traditional or Contour

Slumba pillows are available in both a traditional and contour shape. The core of the pillow is produced with bamboo charcoal infused memory foam which wicks moisture, assists with reducing odor absorption and is naturally antibacterial. All our pillows have a zipper removable cover with ice-fiber that regulates your sleeping temperature throughout the night.

Contour side profile

The Bed Frames

Bed Frame

An affordable and comfortable bed frame designed with your needs in mind so all you have to do is relax. With a modern design approach, we value sustainability which is why our bed frame is made out of premium materials that provides a solid foundation for a capacity of up to 350 lbs.

Designed for your needs, this frame is easy to assemble as it comes in a compact package that can easily be stored in the tightest of places within your home. The frame is also user friendly with built in anti skid foot pads and a quick and easy foldout procedure.

Traditional front/side angle

Adjustable Bed Frame

Why not go to bed in style by using the new premium adjustable bed frame from Slumba. We know life can be stressful so unwind and control the situation in the bedroom whether your lounging around, spending time with a loved one or achieving that perfect night sleep. Rest assured the electric motor is extremely quiet and responsive to your needs and won’t wake the partner.

What We Can Do For You

We provide a range of materials to support your in store associates, bring attention to our products and help educate your customers.

Slumba mattresses are packaged in a box so you have the option of having us ship directly to your customers home.

We provide personalized support for your store associates: We are available 7 days a week and will provide a range of support to meet and exceed your expectations. We support your store associates while our mattresses do the same for your customers.

How do Slumba dealers feel?

All our customers absolutely love the Slumba mattresses. We have had zero returns.”
Jake – Store Manager

“The Slumba mattresses are outselling the other memory foam mattresses 10-1. We have experienced no quality issues and our customers are very happy.”
Quentin – Store Manager

“I love Slumba’s customer service and my customers love their beds.”
Jenne – Store Manager

“Slumba’s customer service is unbelievable. The Point-of-Purchase signage, brochures and cut-away mini mattress has really helped grow our sales.”
Mary – Store Manager

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Slumba USA
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